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I am a freelance writer and philosopher with a wide interest in the arts.

I've written for Aeon, PsycheProspect MagazineArts Professional, and New Humanist on topics such as the artist Paul Gauguin, designer euthanasia, truth masochism, and the ethical effect of the internet.

I live in Lincolnshire and work part-time for my local council. I am passionate about public philosophy.

I have given talks at various venues including the National Gallery in London.

I've also written audiobook scripts.

Selected popular essays:

"What are we?" for Aeon

"Against moral sainthood" for Aeon

I received a PhD in Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University; I've also been a SIAS Fellow at Yale Law School and BBAW. My academic work has been published by Cambridge University Press and Routledge. Full list of academic publications here.